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Puppets have always made creative and stimulating toys... by encouraging children to put something of themselves into their play and inspiring parents to play with their children, they foster enduring memories that will always be treasured.

It has already been 20 years now, since children started to play with DANDY Puppets, marionettes in a range of charming animal characters with expressions that will melt your heart. Designed for ease of use, they are light, responsive and come with new innovated handles with individually detachable strings... overcoming the difficulties associated with traditional marionettes – knotting.

Watch the delight on a child’s face as he/she brings a DANDY Puppet to life... within seconds it will be walking realistically, then with growing skill, behaving in a lifelike manner as it develops a personality of its very own around the home...

Playing with a puppet helps children to develop and improve their communication skills, creativity and co-ordination. This is an important investment in their future. Powered by Imagination, of course!

DANDY Puppets - Powered by imagination

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